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3 ways to deal with the pressure and get quality sleep

3 ways to deal with the pressure and get quality sleep

Hong Kong people are battling with pressure everyday. When it comes to the latest ranking of work-life balance, it is no surprise that Hong Kong ranked at the 6th place from the bottom. We have been locked in Hong Kong for more than a year now due the travel bans under Covid-19. Without traveling, we started to look for different creative ways to treat ourselves.

Poor sleep quality? It is all about the importance of choosing the right bed linen

Staycations and day-tours to outlying areas are among people’s top choices. What’s better than enjoying a luxury buffet and laying on a huge and comfortable bed in a 5-star hotel locally while we can’t go anywhere? Bring the experience home! To extend the chillax moment, upgrading your bedroom with nice bed linen would be an economical option. Blanc Des Vosges is a luxury bed linen brand made in France, and guaranteed to give you a wonderful hotel experience where you can simply have at home.

French bedding for a cozy bedroom

Singing bowl – Get deep relaxation with sound therapy

Not only yoga and meditation, the singing bowl is also getting popular recently, but what is it actually and how does it work? The human body is with 70% water, through the singing bowl vibration, it can help you relax and relieve pain in joints and even headache! Try it 10 minutes before sleep and feel a deep relaxation tonight.

Singing bowl

Home fragrance – let the aroma enhance the vibe

Do you know a normal person is only spending 1/3 of his/her lifetime sleeping? While we are working hard studying, working, or even crowded in public transportation, it is very important that we slow down once in a while when we get home or on the go. Home fragrance can help massage your mind a bit in the room; and for outside, the roll-on fragrance could be your option!


Home fragrance from France