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 All Blanc Des Vosges linen are 100% high quality cotton. The cotton we use is combed cotton, one of the best cotton quality.



Jacquard Bed linen

These fabrics are created using a special attachment on the loom that allows the maker to implement a design or pattern into the material.
Originally developed in 19th century in France, jacquard is unique as it allows textural variety, making your sheets stand out as if they were printed with a three dimensional pattern, reflecting the light in different ways.
Jacquard fabrics in 100% combed cotton have a higher thread count, which brings a clear silky aspect to the bed linen.
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Percale bed linen

A tightly woven quality of cloth (from 200 threads/in² upwards) in 100% combed cotton for a soft touch.This highly breathable material is a must in the summertime and is incredibly cozy and durable for years of use.

Percale is a bedroom standard, as it is soft and luxurious, with premium designs offering a high aesthetic. 

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Sateen bed linen

A smooth fabric produced by a special weave of the warp and the weft, gives softness and brilliance to the fabric. 
Known for its luster and drape, sateen feels a little thicker and more tightly woven than percale. While percale may be the perfect sheet for the summer months, sateen is definitely a warmer fabric choice that is perfect for snuggling when the temperatures outside drop.
Sateen is silky and smooth to the touch and has a characteristically high sheen that makes it the perfect choice for bedrooms that have a heavy emphasis on luxury and romance.
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