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How to choose a good towel for your family?

How to choose a good towel for your family?

How to choose a good towel? With the endless option of towels you can find in department stores, finding a high-quality towel that feels soft and luxurious is always a hard task. But thanks to the latest local towel test, you can rely on their criterion- shrinkage after wash, pile loss, color change, drying rate etc to find the right fit for your family. 

All thanks to the French traditional know-how that has been infused in each of our products since 1843, our towels are all made of 100% micro cotton for maximum softness and high absorption, perfect for Hong Kong weather!   

How to care of your towels?  

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To ensure your towels stay fluffy and soft when they are laundered, follow these 2 tips: 

  1. Don’t overfill the washing machine when washing towels. If the wash load is too large, the towels won’t be rinsed properly which isn’t good for hygiene and can also result in them feeling scratchy. 
  1. Despite the common perception on the benefits of using fabric softener, we recommend avoiding using it when washing towels as it reduces their absorbency, appearance, and performance.


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