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Healthy tips for the most comfortable and long lasting bed linen

Healthy tips for the most comfortable and long lasting bed linen

How often do you wash your bed sheets? We all love a cozy bedroom but we bid no one loves gritty bedding. Let us share with you a terrible dirty truth - based on a survey of 2,000 people in the UK, conducted by Hammonds Furniture, 30% of the participants only put their sheets in the wash once a year or less! Let’s think, when did you last wash your bed sheets? Are you sure you are  lying in a comfortable bed in a clean condition now?

Things you should know about washing your bed linen

Washing the bed linen should be the top 3 things on your housework list. Bed linen is very easy to accumulate a lot of invisible dirt, for example body oil, sweats, and dead cells, which become an awesome paradise for dust mites to incubate. Sleeping with dust mites sounds very disgusting right? Another thing that ladies should consider is the great possibility of having various skin problems such as allergies, acne, or infections as you are always in super close contact with the dirty bedding products especially the pillow case. The best practice is to wash the bed linen once a week.


Cozy bedroom

Bonus tips for taking good care of your bed linen

  1. Bed linen should be stored in a closed and dark wardrobe or drawer, as dry as possible as colored bed linen will fade under a long time of exposure to the strong light.
  2. When you are ironing the bed linen, it is suggested to set the iron to the universal temperature symbols indicated on the sew-in label or packaging. Nice tip : You may also sprinkle some fragranced linen water or pillow mist to your bed linen to create a fantastic and fresh-smelly scent. 
  3. Luxury bed linen offered by Blanc des Vosges are all made from natural fibres such as cotton and pure linen, these fibres tend to shrink when washed for the first time. We recommend soaking this kind of product overnight in cold water followed by a machine wash before use and this can help dissolve residual finishes and colorants to stabilize the colorings and sizes of the bed linen.

Colored bed linen from France

3 big mistakes to avoid in washing bed linen

  1. Check the  symbol on your bed sheets labels before washing your bed linen. Always use a gentle detergent that does not contain aggressive or bleaching ingredients, to make sure that you are not destroying the natural materials of the high quality linen. 
  2. It is recommended to wash your linen with gradually and progressively increasing temperature to avoid the risk of shrinkage. 
  3. Many of you may also dump a lot of bed linen altogether in the washing machine which makes it overload. Don’t forget that bed linen needs to circulate to wash away all of the unwanted dirt. 

Correct way to wash bed linen